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About Bar '98

Bringing the celebrations to you, catering for you.

Are you looking for something different to bring to your party / social event? Want to take your fun outside of bars and nightclubs? We are the mobile bar for you.

Milton Keynes' first unique mobile Caravan Bar!

We can come to you in the middle of a field. middle of a forest or even on your drive.

Amid the 2020 pandemic, we  wanted to create something special which would help bring people back together once the world was back to normal, and what brings people together better than a drink?

Bar ’98 started her life as a 1998 caravan model “The Dalesman”. Over the course of six months worth of hard work and determination, we transformed her into the first 'From The Hatch' mobile bar; “Bar ‘98”. She’s got two pressurised taps installed allowing for two different dispensed drinks to be poured on command along with a homemade liquor shelf that doubles up as a wine glass holder. Finished with six optic dispensers and a modern wine rack as well as a fridge that can hold countless bottles and cans, Bar ’98 is bound to have a drink that will keep all your guests satisfied from sunset to sunrise.

About Barrel Bar '22

"Highly recommended for events at home". - J. C.

If its a smaller bar to cater for you in your garden that you're looking for then Barrel Bar '22 is has got you covered.

Hand made by upcycling three old wine barrels and four scaffold planks, Barrel Bar '22 is the perfect bar for all occasions with smaller parties. This bar is fully customisable and extendable up to 10 metres. With two fully stocked fridges and additional draft beer / cider taps Barrel Bar '22 wont be running dry any time soon.

Its unique ability to be built on site makes it ideal for garden parties or events inside halls and community areas.


Our Services

Catering for all occasions:

Weddings, Private and Corporate Events

Take a look at what we have to offer!

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About Bar '79


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